Unio mentalis paintings 

The original intention was the unification of the design work of recent years and the transition from the concept to what is real and tangible; either by shaping an object - jewelry, either through painting.
The forms and volumes opened the door to other options. Colors and experience came together and released memories, emotions and knowledge. They spread over the canvas or the paper as a need to be mirrored and revealed. I was arranging this chaos that kept emerging, leaving me speechless while I was looking at it. Sometimes we meet for the first time with aspects of ourselves and this process allows the acceptance and integration of these aspects. The transformation into something new and familiar at the same time.
The freedom and the search in the painting surface joined to the discipline required in jewelry making and chatted. A process requiring a detachment from the world and at the same time contact with oneself and connection. Maybe this process could help each one of us. How this world could change for the better unless each one of us contributes individually. So, I was drawing and painting. Writing and thinking. I was painting and feeling. And this whole process was guiding me deeper and deeper. Into uncharted areas.



“In other words,the conscious mind, advancing into the unknown regions of the psyche, is overpowered by the archaic forces of the unconscious: a repetition of the cosmic embrace of Nous and Physis. As for the purpose of the descent,as universally exemplified in the myth of the hero it is to show that only in the region of great danger can one find the treasure hard to attain. The dread and resistance that arise when any normal human being begins to delve deeply into himself is analogous to the mythical journey to Hades with its attendant fear”. (Religious Ideas in Alchemy. Only one who has risked the fight with the dragon and his is not overcome by it wins the hoard,the hidden treasure. He alone has a genuine clain to self-confidence,for he has faced the dark ground of his self and thereby has gained himself. This experience gives him faith and trust,the pistis in the ability of the self to sustain him,for everything that menaced him from inside he has made his own. He has acquired the right to believe that he will be able to overcome all future threats by the same means. He has arrived at an inner certainty which makes him capable of self-reliance and attained what the alchemists called the unio mentalis.”[Robert A Segal:Jung on Mythology].