Unio mentalis  jewelry - objects 

This process takes place in parallel and intersecting with life. Is it a transformation or an attempt to assimilate and regenerate parts of the self? Was the material always there? Where do I draw it from and seems to have no end? Expression of emotions, experiences and acceptance. Everything is here at the same time.What can they reflect in? Is my view objective or subjective? I want to keep them as simple as possible. I see them as intangible gifts of the unconscious in a material form. I do not color them. The pure and icy surface of silver is akin to nude.Is it an embrace or a bite? Birth or separation? Two opposing forces, separated from each other and acting together? They are forced to separate. Is it a touch? Pain of both? A persistence against all odds?

”Joy”, brooch,79x110x7mm, Ag950,Ag999, Cu,patinated,hand fabricated,unique piece,2016

Object,steel,brush,rubber,silk thread,nails,2017

"Eating the one you love",ring,33x54x5mm,silver 950,hand constructed,one of a kind,2016

"Family tree",brooch,silver 950,patinated,hand constructed,one of a kind,2016

"No choise",brooch,88x110x17mm,silver 950,copper,constructed, patinated,unique piece,2016

"Bridge",brooch,64x103x3mm,silver,bronze patinated,one of a kind,2016

Neck piece,inner tubes,steel,hand constructed,unique piece,2017

"Embody",ring,silver 950,hand constructed,2016